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Rigby Neck Pain Specialists

A common problem that many people have is neck pain. It is estimated that 1 in 3 people suffer from neck pain at least once a year. This neck pain can be caused by bad posture, pinched nerves, carrying heavy bags or purses, or even through awkward sleeping positions. These causes can either cause acute (sudden, short-term) or chronic (long-term) neck pain. Pick PT in Rigby specializes in treating neck pain. Going to physical therapy also allows the opportunity for our physical therapist to evaluate the problem to see if there is additional medical attention that needs to be sought out.

How Does Neck Pain Affect Someone’s Life?

Going about day-to-day life with neck pain can be miserable. It affects all the areas of one’s life. It makes it hard to focus on work or school due to the pain that is being felt. It makes it hard to accomplish day-to-day tasks in the way that they had previously done. Neck pain makes it hard to be able to participate in any sort of physical activity, let alone the mundane tasks such as cleaning up, or working out in the yard. Neck pain does not just affect one physically, but there is a significant mental toll that is taken as well. Going about daily life in a constant state of pain negatively impacts the quality of life that one leads.

Causes of Acute Neck Pain

There are many different factors that could be contributing to any acute back pain that you may be experiencing. It is common for acute neck pain to heal in a time range of a couple of days, or even lasting a couple of weeks. Some of the common causes of neck pain include:

Poor Posture

Acute neck pain has become more prevalent with the development of technology. Poor posture occurs when people sit hunched at their computers. This may lead to an extended head position which is quite strenuous on their neck muscles. Another problem that is related to acute neck pain is commonly referred to as “text neck”. This occurs when people stare straight down at their phone or tablet.

Continuous Repetitive Motions

In sports such as swimming or dancing, it is common practice to repeatedly move the head from side to side. This movement, after being repeated over a long duration of time, is hard on the tendons, ligaments, and muscles of the neck. Because it is so rough on the neck, it is commonly a cause that leads to acute neck pain. 

Awkward Sleeping Positions

Acute neck pain is often associated with sleeping in awkward positions. Sometimes people have the tendency to sleep in a position that is hard on the neck. If the head is held at an awkward angle while sleeping and stays in that position for the duration of the night, acute neck pain is a common occurrence.

Causes of Chronic Neck Pain

Chronic neck pain is pain that lasts for 3 months or more without ceasing. It is more often caused by wear and tear that has occurred to the neck throughout time, or injuries that have been sustained to the neck and thus creating additional issues in the neck.

Herniated Disc

Herniated discs occur over time as there is increased stress on the neck. It is age related and is often referred to as disc degeneration. As people get older, the disc itself becomes less flexible and as a result, becomes more susceptible to tearing, even from a slight twist or strain. Oftentimes, herniated discs are a result from having poor posture while sitting at a computer, or in more traumatic cases, it may be a result of a fall.

Muscle Strain

Frequently, muscle strain is a cause of chronic neck pain. This can happen as a result of uneven strain on one side of the neck. This comes from the frequent movement of carrying a heavy bag on only one shoulder and after time, takes a great toll on that side of the neck. It is critical to prevent this type of muscle strain to reduce the risk of developing neck pain.

Traumatic Injury

Injuries are also associated with chronic neck pain. Whiplash, a result from an auto collision, is a common injury that can result in chronic neck pain. Other types of injuries that could lead to chronic neck pain include, falling on ice or a slippery surface, a sports collision, or a fall from a height such as a ladder or a step stool. While these injuries can be acute neck pain, sometimes the pain will persist and become chronic neck pain.

How can Pick PT Help?

The physical therapists at Pick PT are invested in your recovery. They help patients recover from their pain through non-surgical means. They use hands-on physical therapy that also will help prevent future problems, while targeting the spot where the issues are. Our physical therapists design personalized recovery plans that will help you in the way that you need. We utilize exercise equipment, manual therapy, as well as stretching to help you get on the road to recovery, as well as ease the pain and discomfort that you have been living with. We also offer post-surgical therapy to help strengthen your body after having surgery. Our physical therapists are specialized and are trained to treat any neck-related problems.

Contact the Neck Specialists in Rigby Today!

Give us a call and come see us in Rigby, Idaho so that we can get you all set up with a specially designed personal program that will start you on your road to recovery.

Neck Pain FAQS

What can I do to prevent neck pain?

Practicing good posture in your everyday life can help greatly reduce neck pain. If you have a desk job, you should strive for frequent breaks and ensure that your chair, desk and computer are supporting good posture. Adjusting sleep position either with a pillow or a new mattress could also be beneficial.

How do I know if I need physical therapy for my neck pain?

If your neck pain comes on suddenly and is impacting your ability to execute your daily tasks then don’t delay in seeking the help of a physical therapist. If neck pain persists chronically for months to a year, then you should meet with a physical therapist as soon as possible.


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