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Sports Medicine

Sports physical therapy at Pick PT emphasizes the prevention, identification, assessment, minimization, and correction of pain and disability associated with athletic injuries. It is our goal at Pick PT to assist athletes to EXCEL in their respective sport by decreasing the amount of time it takes to recover and decreasing risk of future injuries.

Why Sports Physical Therapy?

Our physical therapists are trained in techniques to get you back to playing at a high/competitive level. They will take you through a progression of interventions including sport specific agility exercises to determine your ability to return to sport safely after an injury. With our pre-sport screenings, we will be able to determine areas of musculoskeletal impairment and establish programs to safely assist you as you prepare to kick off the season! Components of Sport Physical Therapy include, but are not limited to:

  • pre-participation screening
  • cardiovascular, resistance, endurance and neuromuscular re-education exercise programs
  • taping and bracing
  • sports specific ergonomic and performance training regimens
  • manual physical therapy
  • orthopedic physical therapy

If you have questions about any of these areas, please contact our office.

What Pick PT Does to Help

In addition to prevention and recovery, the road to maximum performance includes a focus on improving speed, agility, explosiveness, balance and coordination. Our Physical Therapists at Pick PT have had experience working with athletes of all sports and thrive on helping individuals reach their maximum potential! Athletes will be Elevated at Pick PT!

Sports Therapy FAQ

Is a Pre-sport screening beneficial?

Receiving a pre-sport physical therapy screening prior to engaging in a sporting activity will allow you to see any musculoskeletal impairments that need to be addressed and help guide you in sport specific exercises to decrease risk for injury. This is especially important as you prepare for your upcoming season.

Contact the Sports Therapists at Pick PT Today

We have the training to help people after an injury from sports. Give us a call and set up a time to come meet with us in person. We’ll put together a personalized recovery program.

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