St. Anthony Physical Therapy

Your body goes through a natural process of wear and tear as you use it to function each day. Our bodies have amazing capabilities that are put to the test while we engage in physical activities and it is important that your body receives maintenance in order to keep functioning properly. Just like with any vehicle, time and use impact different functions and impair its ability to work to its fullest capacity. Physical therapy is used to provide medical healing support whether you have been injured, you are experiencing joint pain, or you are dealing with a chronic medical condition, among various other reasons. 

When looking for trained and professional physical therapists in the Sugar City, St. Anthony, or Ashton area, look no further than the specialists at Pick PT! Being able to maximize your body’s movement, minimize your pain, and optimize your overall health are a few of the ways that Pick PT can get you back on your feet and help you continue to live life moving.

Conditions and Treatments

People choose to seek the relief that physical therapy has to offer for all sorts of conditions. Pick PT treats a variety of people with different and unique circumstances by creating a customized and personalized plan tailored to their individual needs. Some of the more common conditions that our St. Anthony physical therapy professionals treat include:

Back and Neck Pain: This form of pain can plague many individuals, and physical therapy can aid in relieving tension, pulling pressure off of tension points, and healing these strained muscles. 

Vestibular Rehabilitation: The symptoms of vertigo, dizziness, and balance issues can be reduced through the use of effective physical therapy. Aligning your body can help to restore the proper functioning of your vestibular system. 

Sports Medicine: Recovering from sports-related injuries and helping to prevent future injuries is what physical therapy is widely known for. Our physical therapist can help to maximize your sports potential by aiding in recovery or prepping your body for these physical sports. 

Orthopedic Physical Therapy: Whether your body has undergone trauma, an accident, or simply has been overused, your bones and muscles may be in need of functional repairs. Physical therapy will help to treat the musculoskeletal functions of your body.  

Chronic Pain Recovery: Chronic pain is difficult to live with and can severely impact a person’s quality of life. Through utilizing techniques such as manual therapy and joint mobilization, physical therapists can help offer long-term relief to those suffering from chronic pain. 

Postpartum Rehabilitation: The ups and downs of pregnancy can be hard on the body and physical therapy can strengthen the pelvic floor, decrease back pain, and help to increase body functioning among other postpartum-related conditions.

Postsurgical Rehabilitation: Supporting the muscles or joints that have been worked after surgery is important to maximizing the surgery’s benefits. Physical therapy will enable the body to heal faster and maintain these surgical outcomes. 

Car Accident Injuries: A car accident can wreak havoc on the body and may be accompanied by pain or whiplash symptoms. To help minimize the impact of the accident, physical therapy will treat the nerve-related issues and help to heal and restore strength back to your body.

Benefits of Physical Therapy

Taking charge of your health, recovery, and rehabilitation can be supported by seeing your local physical therapist and continuously doing the recommended home treatment plans. If you are in Sugar City, St. Anthony, or Ashton area and looking to take advantage of all physical therapy has to offer, be sure to look into Pick PT. The care and treatment they offer is going to aid in improving your life by offering these many direct and indirect benefits. 

Direct Benefits

  • Effectively Manage Your Pain 
    • Physical therapy works to restore your muscles and joints so you feel less pain and help to reduce pain in the future.
  • Improve Movement and Balance
    • Through the stretching exercises utilized in physical therapy, it works to improve your ability to move and realign your balance.
  • Can Prevent Surgery
    • There are cases in which, due to physical therapy treatments, you can avoid surgery. If you are needing surgery, physical therapy can also help you recover sooner.
  • Less Prescription Drugs
    • When you are dealing with less pain, it lessens the need for the prescription drugs needed for pain management. 

Indirect Benefits

  • Reduce Underlying Conditions
    • Physical therapy has been known to reduce the symptoms of common health conditions such as arthritis or heart disease.
  • Learning Home Exercises and Remedies
    •  The skills and techniques learned at physical therapy can help you remain active while in your home and teach you how to care for and rehabilitate your body.
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety
    • Reducing stress on your muscles and joints can also help relieve tension and stress in your mind that comes from underlying pain or lack of mobility.
  • Manage Age-Related Issues
    • As your body gets older, physical therapy can help keep it in the best shape possible and control some of the age-related issues you may deal with.

Why Choose Pick PT?

Throughout the East Idaho area, Pick PT is known for their excellent services, treatments, and techniques. Their level of care and understanding for your individual circumstance is unmatched, and our specialists will work with you throughout your entire physical therapy journey. Choosing your physical therapist should come down to who feel comfortable with and who is willing to listen to your concerns about your health treatments. We value your thoughts and feelings when it comes to your care and strive to tailor your treatments to what will work for you to get you back to feeling better again. 

Our positive environment and the unprecedented care we have for our patients is what makes us stand out from the rest. We want to help you through this healing journey and reduce your stress throughout the entire process. Whether you are in Sugar City, St. Anthony, Ashton, or any of the surrounding areas, St. Anthony physical therapy offered at Pick PT will assist you in reaching your own goals. Contact us today to get started!


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