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Rigby Sports Medicine

Pick PT knows that Rigby residents have huge hearts and are passionate when it comes to sports. Local high schoolers play hard and excel at activities such as basketball, baseball, and football. When it comes to lingering injuries, it’s important to receive the right care. That could mean seeking out the right specialist to help yourself or your child stay at the top of their game.

Pick PT has sports medicine providers who choose to work with athletes and help them take care of their bodies and improve their performances.

Our sports medicine program focuses on the types of injuries many athletes face — sprains, strains and muscle tears, to name a few. Many of our providers are also athletes with deep insights into sports injuries and treatment. So, you can count on excellent care, empathy and experience when you make an appointment with us.

Sports medicine at Pick PT in Rigby focuses on alleviating pain associated with sports injuries. We strive to cut back on recovery time so that you can safely get back on the field, court, mat, or pitch.

Why Sports Physical Therapy?

Attaining success in sports is the goal of any serious athlete. However, this might not be realistic without a healthy and sound body. As a matter of fact, your overall health as an athlete goes a long way in how you perform in your sport. Sometimes, accumulated injuries can make it tough to perform at your best without creating more damage. Sports medicine at Pick PT in Rigby is the perfect option if you are considering excellent sports therapy for better health and a sustainable sports career.

Our physical therapists at Pick PT are well-trained and certified using the most effective techniques that you need to get back to playing at a competitive level. We guide you through sessions designed with your athletic goals in mind. This approach tailors your treatment to the conditions your body faces during practice and game time.

With our pre-sports screening activities, we target and address specific issues related to musculoskeletal impairment. After this, we will assist you as you prepare to kick off the season in full health.

The components of our sports medicine program include:

  • Pre-participation screening: Just before you commence the new season, we’ll help you confirm your fitness and agility. We can also provide early medical intervention if needed.
  • Muscular exercise programs: Your muscles need to be well treated for better performance. We have cardiovascular, endurance, neuromuscular and other exercises and treatment plans to recondition your body and help you regain your edge.
  • Taping and bracing: For an athlete that has sustained an injury, we use taping and bracing to stabilize, protect, and support uninjured or rehabilitated joints and tissues.
  • Training regimens: We tailor ergonomic and performance regimens to your sport to help you get the most out of your sessions.
  • Manual physical therapy: In the case where our diagnostic services reveal that you need manual therapy, our group of experts provides you with excellent physical therapy that solves your specific problem.
  • Orthopedic physical therapy. Orthopedic PT focuses on the interaction of bones, muscles, tendons, joints, and ligaments. So, if you have a hyperextension or repetitive motion injury, our sports medicine team may recommend this treatment.

What Pick PT Does to Help

How would you like to achieve peak agility, speed, and performance? At Pick PT, apart from the quest to help athletes prevent and recover from injury and unwanted medical conditions, we help them achieve maximum performance.

Our sports medicine therapists in Rigby have had experience working with athletes in all types of sports. When you succeed, we count it as a personal win. Go Trojans! We can also help you minimize your chance of future injuries.

Sports Therapy FAQ

Is a Pre-sports screening beneficial?

Receiving a pre-sports physical therapy screening prior to engaging in a sporting activity will allow you to see any musculoskeletal impairments that need to be addressed and help guide you in sports-specific exercises to decrease the risk for injury. This is especially important as you prepare for your upcoming season.

How long does sports medicine therapy last?

Different cases require different approaches, and some cases might be acute while others may be chronic. Chronic situations may require a longer time while acute cases may require more intensive treatment for a shorter period. For example, you may need maintenance treatments to help an injury fully heal. Overall, we will need to diagnose the situation before we prescribe a treatment plan.

Do I still need to attend a therapy session if I feel better?

If you have booked a session with us and we give you an appointment, we recommend keeping it, even if you start to feel better. It’s good to know what the current situation looks like so as to prevent reoccurrence. Sometimes, relief might not mean wellness, and therefore we advise that you show up for your appointment.

Sports Therapists in Rigby, ID

Pick PT therapists and staff members have the training and expertise needed to help you after an injury sustained from sports injuries. Give us a call and set up a time to come meet with us in person. Our team wants to see you thrive and excel when your team goes up against the competition. We’ll put together a personalized sports medicine recovery program just for you.

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