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Sports physical therapy at Pick PT emphasizes the prevention, identification, assessment, minimization, and correction of pain and disability associated with athletic injuries. It is our goal at Pick PT to assist athletes to EXCEL in their respective sports. We do this by decreasing the amount of time it takes to recover and decreasing the risk of future injuries. We want to help athletes to perform well and pain-free while participating in the sports they are passionate about.  

Anyone, athlete or otherwise, who has ever had an injury knows the pain that can remain even years later. If an injury isn’t properly rehabilitated soon after the injury it can increase the chances of lingering pain and limited range of motion well after the injury. Both of these things can decrease the quality of life, especially for those that have a love for sports. For athletes, chronic pain and suboptimal movement will absolutely decrease performance for future activities they hope to participate in. With the help of a sports physical therapist, athletes can rest assured that their injuries are thoroughly repaired and can continue to perform their best while doing what they love.

Why Sports Physical Therapy?

Our physical therapists are trained in techniques to get you back to playing at the same competitive and high level that you were at before the injury. They will take you through a progression of interventions including sport-specific agility exercises to determine your ability to return to sport safely after an injury. With our pre-sport screenings, we will be able to determine areas of musculoskeletal impairment. With what we learn in your pre-sport screening we are able to establish programs to safely assist you in preparing for the kick-off of the season! Components of Sports Physical Therapy include, but are not limited to:

  • pre-participation screening
  • cardiovascular, resistance, endurance, and neuromuscular re-education exercise programs
  • taping and bracing 
  • sports-specific ergonomic and performance training regimens
  • manual physical therapy
  • orthopedic physical therapy

If you have any questions about these services, please contact our office.

What Pick PT Does to Help

In addition to prevention and recovery, the road to maximum performance includes a focus on improving speed, agility, explosiveness, balance, and coordination. Our physical therapists at Pick PT have had experience working with athletes from all sports. They thrive on helping individuals reach their maximum potential because they care about your success within the sport! Athletes will be elevated at Pick PT!

Our therapists will guide you through every step of the recovery process for sport-related injuries. Evidence-based techniques allow our therapists to combine hands-on manipulation with area-specific exercises for maximum results. Without sports physical therapy, lifelong pain and limitation are a high possibility. Pick PT is passionate about you being able to live life moving in any way that makes you feel good. A customized home exercise program will be developed to prevent future injury and strengthen the athletes’ overall performance so they can continue to participate in all their favorite sports. 

The therapists are able to assess weak points in joints and muscle groups that could potentially cause future damage. Preventative measures can be taken to strengthen those areas so that an injury does not occur. This is the ideal situation as your athlete will continue to gain strength and not have to take time off for an injury. Pick PT can also help prevent surgery as a solution. Surgery should be a last resort, especially for athletes at a young age.

Why Choose Pick PT

Pick PT can help with athletic injury prevention by creating exercise plans that will increase the strength of specific muscle groups athletes need. This can be catered to their individual sport and even playing to the strengths of their particular position. Sports physical therapy can minimize the risk of future injuries. The expertise of our physical therapists can teach athletes safe playing techniques, strengthen muscles and ligaments, and consistent exercise will all decrease the chance of a future injury or of re-injuring the same area.

The physical therapists at Pick PT are passionate about athletes and sports, but also about the community. Rexburg is home to us. We feel privileged to be part of this community and privileged to serve the athletes of this area. The reviews of our Rexburg office speak for themselves. We have helped countless young athletes, students, and church ballers of all ages to get back to what they love. We hope that you will trust us with all of your sports medicine needs, no matter how big or small they may be. Our passion for sports and combined years of experience rehabilitating athletes qualify us to walk you through every step of the process in order to get you where you want to be. You can contact our office today, or book an appointment online so that you can get back to living life and moving in all the ways that you find most enjoyable.

When to Contact a Sports Physical Therapist

Just like with any injury, the sooner you get proper treatment the better. This decreases the risks of lingering problems on the road.  Pick PT offers screenings before a sports season even begins to see if there are any concerning weaknesses. This is highly recommended for the prevention of injury. If you do acquire an injury, do not wait to have it evaluated by a professional. Having the proper treatment and equipment implemented early on can make the physical therapy process more efficient and viable. If you have chronic pain while participating in your favorite activities, don’t hesitate to contact our office for an examination. Pick PT is passionate about you living a pain-free and elevated life on and off the field.

FAQ About Sports Medicine

Will my insurance cover sports physical therapy?

We accept most insurances but the determining factor will be what kind of coverage you have for physical therapy.  We are happy to call your insurance, find out your benefits details and let you know the costs before your first appointment.

Do I need a referral for sports physical therapy?

This will largely depend on your insurance. At Pick PT we do not need a referral in order to see you. But your insurance may require a referral from your primary physician in order for the physical therapy to be covered by insurance.

What should I wear to my sports physical therapy appointment?

You want to wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. In physical therapy, you will be using your body to accomplish things for growth so it’s important to dress for physical activity. If you are going to be working on things such as agility be sure to wear good shoes to move in.

Is sports physical therapy painful?

Whether you are coming to sports physical therapy for an injury, becoming a better athlete, or a combination there will be some tough appointments. Since the goal is to regain strength or build strength in your joints, muscles, and ligaments there will be times that things may feel uncomfortable but that is what causes growth. If you ever feel that it is too much on yourself and your body let your physical therapist. We want to help you feel comfortable and strong.

How often do I have to come to sports physical therapy?

This is largely dependent on the reason you are coming and the end goal. If you have an injury that we are helping to heal, you may need to come more often than when you are working with a physical therapist for strengthening your weaknesses. Some athletes come for 8 weeks while others come for 16 weeks. It all depends on what our sports physical therapists are working on with you and how well your body adjusts.
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