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Idaho Falls has all four seasons, but winter can seem especially long at times. It can be even more complicated getting around on slick and snowy surfaces when your balance is compromised. We want you to know that you do not have to live in a state of constant worry about falling. Dizziness, imbalance, and vertigo can make daily life challenging. 

Vestibular disorders are more common than you might think, and many people do not know that physical therapy could be the solution to overcoming balance-related issues and dizziness. Because the vestibular system is what controls balance, if that area is damaged for any reason then imbalance will likely follow. Vertigo is likely a more familiar term that people use as an umbrella for all dizziness. However, vertigo only makes up a small part of all vestibular disorders.

What Causes Imbalance

Any injury or damage to the inner ear, a genetic condition affecting the vestibular system or head trauma possibly affecting the central nervous system could all leave you feeling dizzy and unable to focus your eyes or keep your feet steady. Something as simple as an ear infection could leave you flat on the floor. Age, of course, can be a factor. Weakness comes as our bodies and physical health naturally decline. 

Signs and Symptoms of Vestibular Disorders

The most common symptom is obviously loss of balance or extreme and sudden onset of dizziness. However, there are multiple symptoms that could be related to a vestibular disorder. 

  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Hearing changes
  • Imbalance
  • Vision Changes

Physical therapy can help alleviate the burden of these symptoms and get you back to living your life as soon as possible. Surely one or multiple of these symptoms would interfere with being able to fully function.

How Physical Therapy can Help

At Pick PT we have therapists who specialize in vestibular rehabilitation. Our therapists can treat the symptoms of a vestibular disorder, balance and dizziness, and get you back to living your life as soon as possible. 

Our clinics have experience treating patients with one or more of these symptoms:

  • General Imbalance and Dizziness
  • Concussion
  • Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)
  • Vestibular Neuritis
  • Vestibular Migraine
  • Meniere’s Disease
  • Pre and Post Surgical Acoustic Neuroma
  • Stroke, MS, and other central nervous system conditions

Pick PT believes in evidence based practices. Our therapists are ready to customize an exercise plan based on your symptoms and needs. 

Why Balance Disorders should not go Untreated

There are multiple risks of leaving a balance disorder untreated. 

A sedentary lifestyle can be detrimental to health, and the difficulty of moving safely and comfortably with any kind of imbalance is likely to lead to inactivity. Prolonged inactivity can lead to decreased strength, range of motion, muscle weakness. As flexibility decreases, stiffness increases. Endurance and cardiac capacity can also dangerously decrease if symptoms remain untreated. 

Reviewing this list of symptoms it makes sense that depression and anxiety are also commonly reported from those suffering with vestibular conditions.

Why Choose Pick PT

Pick PT is trusted by Idaho Falls as the area balance specialists. We are known for caring about our patients, being personable. We have specific training to treat imbalance, and years of experience with positive results.  We have reviews that can attest to this. 

We care about the people in this community, and want them to feel their best and be able to do the things they love to do. We want you to live life moving! Schedule an appointment today online or by calling our office. We would love to schedule an evaluation to assess how our services could benefit you.

FAQ About Vestibular Rehabilitation

What kinds of exercises help with balance?

Depending on the severity of the imbalance, exercises will start where you are able. Things like standing on one foot, standing on a balance board, walking or turning in a circle, looking side to side, etc. are all exercises that might be assigned to someone with a balance disorder.

Is physical therapy safe for those with severe imbalance?

We, as therapists, can meet you wherever you are. We treat people with all levels of balance problems. In order to be effective and see results, the exercises should be moderately challenging, but that does not mean you will not be safe. A trained therapist will always be supervising nearby and will never compromise your safety or risk further injury.

How long will it take for my dizziness to subside with therapy?

Recovery is different for everyone because of a long list of variables. How frequently you do therapy, how severe of a case you had to begin with, age, underlying medical conditions, etc. All of these things will affect recovery time. A ballpark range is 6-12 weeks of therapy.
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